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What is your radiance?


Loving Kindness



I recently went on a retreat to Italy which, for me, was deeply healing. With the guidance of my mentor, the incredible Jane Reeves of Radiant Jane Retreats, I came back truly changed. When we arrived, we were each asked, "what is your radiance?" It came so clearly to me; mine is NURTURE. It is so easy for me to nurture others. My child, my mom, my husband, my friends. I am a caregiver by nature, and my light shines through nurturing. 

What I have discovered in this last year, as I became more and more restless, more and more downhearted, more and more sorrowful, is that I am not so good at nurturing myself. The beauty of Jane Reeves' work is that she always comes back to the heart of loving kindness. We can offer more kindness to others and a softer outlook on the state of the world, if we first practice self-care and offer ourselves loving kindness too. 

I left La Dolce Vita retreat in Italy feeling abundant grace and at peace with myself.

I like myself again. I want to be my own friend. I am truly OK. 

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Stef is the Business Director for The Jane Reeves.

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